Monday, 28 December 2015

Book Review ~ Gothic Dreams Steampunk

Gothic Dreams Steampunk by Henry Winchester and foreword by G.D. Falksen is a visual feast for the eyes. The written content has many interesting snippets of information covering the origins of steampunk, fashion, books, screen and art. This book really delights though with it's lush images throughout the book. Every page is adorned with at least a single spread, some are double spread and smaller images of delightful steampunk imagery are dotted in between. It's a delight to pick up and many of the pictures are accompanied by delightful quotes.

Warning, this post is now photo heavy but I had a hard job picking my favourite out to share.


  1. A new Canadian tv show....Jekylle and very much steampunk in design
    I find it modern Victorian ! xoDebi

  2. What lovely illustrations! I will have those outfits!


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