Saturday 22 April 2017

The war within myself

My soul screams for sun and warmth.
It dreams of desert landscapes and clear blue skies.
Bright colours and cooling waters.

My body says no.
Forbids such indulgences.
I know it's quest is self protection.

My brain tries to arbitrate.
It offers changing clouds, calming rain, books and tea,
to soothe my crying soul.

Protest for now is silenced.
A truce is formed.
It won't last, this internal war is eternal.

This was written as part of Dark Poetry month hosted by Magaly Guerrero.


  1. Flesh and bones need occasional rest, in order to support the protest of the soul.

  2. I completely relate to that internal war, Jane! I often feel like I have two, quite different, sides to me! Wonderful poem! And photo!

  3. I love this soo much!! The internal war is indeed eternal!

  4. Ah yes, what we dream of is not always what we need.

  5. Your screams were heard here this back to the cold and rain...but what pretty pictures it makes on windowpanes XXX

  6. Wow, got it, sometimes we are like a tag-team with just one conscience, one body... rest & protest all in good time x

  7. It is hard to broker peace between two such strongly competing desires, but yes, the body must be appeased so hopefully there will be strength enough another time.


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