Saturday, 19 March 2016

I'm Moonlight, the soft and cuddly moonlight

A new bat has flown in and made his home here. Please welcome Moonlight, he loves to come out to play when the moon rises and he's not at all scary. A tickle under his chin and he'll follow you everywhere lighting your way down the dark forests paths.

His creator is Benedikt Schutte of ToonyBears and was born on the 15 of February 2016
His given name is Gordian but he loves his new moniker of Moonlight


  1. Gordian is PERFECT! Very Special in every Way! xoxo

  2. He looks like he is going to cuddle you until you giggle. Sooo cute. And love your title, it made me think of that cat/Batman meme. :-D

  3. A very cute little Bat....
    A great weekend to you and "Moonlight"...


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