Saturday, 24 June 2017

My Favourite Freaky TV Shows - True Blood

This show wasn't just about a family but whole town and their interacting lives. The town was only a small country town and all the towns folks lives seem to eventually merge in some way. The protagonist is Sookie a waitress working in a little country bar and eating place.

Her story revolves around her relationships starting with her falling for a much older man, Bill and gradually draws in the lives of others around her, work colleagues, friends, neighbours and future lovers. It involves all the normal everyday things a town drama is known for; personal lives of it's inhabitants, gossip, crime, good times and bad. A very traditional and simple tale of a small town and its inhabitants who just happen to be mainly vampires, fairies, werewolves or other inhabitants of a shape shifting world.

Written as part of the Beautiful Freaks Fest hosted by Magaly Guerrero and Emma Yardis

(Hmm reading back maybe still not so freaky, maybe my freaky dial is faulty.)


  1. When it comes to freaky, True Blood is right on top. Yum!

  2. No way can a freaky dial ever be faulty. It's a law. LOL. Loved this.

  3. Love True Blood!!! Some of the "scenes" were very hot! LOL! Love the theme song too!! Great post! Your freaky dial isn't faulty :)

  4. 'True Blood' is just chock-full of Beautiful Freaks!! There's nothing wrong with your freaky dial! ;D I only saw the first series. I must get around to seeing more.

  5. oh i have never watched, but am now tempted. great post. :) perfect for the ocassion.

  6. Ahh I remember this show!!❤️ Fabulous share.


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